Sunflowers for hidden disability assistance at Heathrow airport

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Yellow sunflower on blue wooden background

Travel is stressful for everyone.

Even those of us who travel frequently can experience some sort of stress or exhaustion on every trip. The hassle of checking your bag, finding your gate, and navigating airport security can take their toll on us.

With this in mind, UK airports have implemented new procedures for travelers with hidden disabilities, making it easier for all of us to get to our destinations.

Wearing a 'Sunflower Lanyard' discreetly indicates to airport staff that you have a hidden disability and you would like additional support.

Airport staff are trained to recognize these lanyards, and to provide you with any help you may need at various stages at the airport.

Community member Connie found the Sunflower Lanyard very helpful:

" I used mine at Heathrow airport and found it very good - especially going through the security area. No long queues, I was sent straight to the express channel! "

If you are traveling through Heathrow airport and require a Sunflower Lanyard, simply email the Heathrow team: and provide a forwarding address, and they will send you one.

To learn more about Heathrow's special assistance services, visit their website.

The Sunflower Lanyard scheme is being rolled out to other airports around the world, and we hope to see it become standard for all airports.


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