How to travel with rheumatoid pills and injections

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Traveling with rheumatoid meds is all about good preparation. Running out of meds half-way through your vacation is a good way to ruin it.

Before you go

Work out in advance how many pills or shots to bring with you, to make sure that you don't run out.

Get prescriptions filled in plenty of time before you go.

If you receive infusions it's smart to time your trip around your infusion dates.

Traveling with pills

Keep all medications in your personal hand luggage. That way, if a piece of luggage gets lost or stolen, at least you won't lose your meds. Pills should remain in their original containers, with the pharmacy label. Your pharmacy may be able to provide a travel size bottle if you ask.
Airport security staff may want to examine your meds. Allow extra time for these questions so you don't end up running for your plane.

Traveling with injections

Keep injections like Enbrel, Humira, Cimzia or Simponi within their recommended temperature range.
Invest in a specialist travel cool bag if you are going to be traveling for longer than a few hours.
These bags contain with ice pack compartments to keep meds cool for up to 14 hours. Ice packs in cool bags must be solid when you take them through airport security. Slushy ice packs may not be allowed.
Flyers should inform airport security staff that they are traveling with injections. It is helpful to bring a doctor's letter.
Some airlines will put your injections in an onboard fridge during the flight. This is not guaranteed and not all carriers will do it, so call in advance to check the policy.
You may need to make sure that you have access to a fridge at your destination. If you are staying at a hotel, call ahead to double-check that an in-room fridge is available and working.
Safe disposal of needles is also important. Home sharps bins are bulky so opt for travel-sized sharps bins that can fit in checked or hand luggage.
Do not travel with used syringes or pens loose in your luggage. Do not use soda bottles to hold sharps, it is not a safe disposal method.

Non-prescription meds - CBD oil, TENs machines and over the counter drugs

There are many non-prescription items that you can make your journey more comfortable.
Keep over the counter painkillers in your purse for an emergency. Always keep them in their original packaging.
Hot and cold patches are inexpensive, lightweight and perfect for travel. You can apply them to a sore or swollen joint mid-journey.
CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular with rheumatoid patients. CBD products are still illegal in many countries and USA states. Research the law before you go and avoid difficult conversations with Customs Officials.
If you use a TENS machine, remember to take enough batteries and /or the charger. You may even need a travel adaptor if you are going overseas.


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